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Chhavi Mittal: Everyday’s Creative Struggle Is To Think Outside the Box for Fresh Ideas

Chhavi Mittal shares her experiences, insights, and expertise on topics ranging from motherhood, lifestyle, fashion, and wellness

Chhavi Mittal’s passion for storytelling and her ability to connect with people have made her a highly influential and respected figure in the online community

Chhavi Mittal is a renowned content creator who has made a significant impact in the digital space. Known for her versatility and creativity, Chhavi has excelled in various roles as an actress, model, blogger, and social media influencer. With a strong presence on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, she has garnered a substantial following. Chhavi shares her experiences, insights, and expertise on topics ranging from motherhood, lifestyle, fashion, and wellness. She is admired for her authenticity, relatability, and engaging content that resonates with her audience. Chhavi’s passion for storytelling and her ability to connect with people have made her a highly influential and respected figure in the online community.

The name SIT came into being out of thin air when Mohit and I were joking about how he spends too much time in the loo! He said he gets all his amazing ideas there and hence that is constructive time he’s spending. He joked about calling the new upcoming channel, Shitty Ideas, and I added the ‘Trending’ to it. We had all heard about this term and knew that anything ‘trending’ nowadays is good news. Started as a joke, the name ‘Shitty Ideas Trending’ just clicked and the acronym had a ring to it too!

Question 2: What is the difference you see today from acting to being this huge content creator

First of all, thank you. To be honest it feels great. Though I am still an actor, I am so much more. Being a content creator has helped me expand my horizons a lot. The whole process of creating a piece of content right from the ideation to the implementation is a very wholesome experience for me and it empowers me no end. Understanding what brands need, challenging oneself by creating concepts that are suitable for brand needs as well as entertaining for the viewers while also giving us a sense of accomplishment is an unmatched feeling.

Question 3: Challenges that you feel as a creator you face

When you create a piece of content that really sits well with the audience, you end up setting a benchmark for yourself. The constant challenge we face on SIT is to create videos that are even more entertaining than the previous ones! Sometimes meeting the brand requirements while staying true to our audience also is a challenging process. Convincing the partner, and then ensuring that thevideo performs well as per your conviction, these are some of the challenges we face every now and then. But the biggest challenge is to think of new ideas that are unique enough to not sound repetitive, and relatable enough that everyone has experienced them!

Question 4: How will Animeta will you or this collaborating bring in more value for you

We are extremely excited about our partnership with Animeta. We believe Animeta will bring the breath of fresh air to the business that we have been craving for a while. Creating content is our forte, but getting it out there for maximum number of people to consume is the role Animeta will play while also creating more opportunities for SIT to create even more original properties, getting brand partnerships, localization of content for deeper penetration etc. In my opinion, every creative venture needs an ideal business partnership and that’s what makes a perfect marriage.

Question 5: Anything upcoming you are working on or any concept which the viewers can wait for

Yes there is a lot in the pipeline. We’re going to be upping the content cadence on SIT by creating more web-series which are seasonal and also introducing a brand new IP soon. Viewers will also be seeing the much awaited next season of The Family Vacation among other things.

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